Everything You Are Doing Wrong With Your Hair

Let me begin by saying a plain truth. Dry hair is damaged hair. So anything that you are doing to dry out your hair is damaging it slowly, inch by inch. You may not notice it now, but you will notice it sooner. Based on my experience and research, I have compiled a list of everything that you are doing to damage your hair, of course unknowingly but surely.

  1. Oil massaging technique: Do you rub your scalp vigorously, in a bid to cover your head in oil? Do you use the to-and-fro motion to rub oil into your hair? That’s damaging. Whenever you have time, do google a picture of a hair strand. You will see that the shaft of the hair is covered with fish scales-like structures called cuticles. These are arranged just like the scales on the body of a fish. This is the hair’s first line of defence and these can get damaged if you rub your hair vigorously or back-comb it. To massage oil, simply use your fingertips and press gently yet firmly onto the scalp. Do this all over your head. This is enough to get the blood circulation going. To massage oil onto your hair, simply spread oil in your palms and pat it onto your hair. Don’t rub.
  2. Shampooing: Shampoo is a product of the industrial age and it was meant to clean our scalp. Unless you are staying in a hot and humid country like India, trust me, your hair doesn’t get THAT dirty as to require a wash every single day or even every two or three days. And what are you pouring all that shampoo in for? To remove that oil build-up in your scalp? That oil is called sebum which is GOOD for your hair. You need it and that’s why your body is producing it. But then you shampoo it all out and then your body produces more of it and then you shampoo again and it all then turns into a vicious circle. Let me tell you how to break out of it. If you are staying in a cold and dry climate, you only need to clean your scalp twice a month (I just shampoo once a month) and that too, using a baby shampoo. A baby shampoo will ensure that your scalp gets clean without getting dry. Rest of the time, nature’s free gift – plain old water – is enough. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair when it starts to look greasy or oily. This will ensure even distribution of sebum throughout your hair and the removal of excess oil from the scalp. No, your hair will NOT look greasy after this. In fact, it will look well-conditioned.
  3. The amount of oil: You do not need to smear your head with oil. You just a little bit on your fingertips to gently press your scalp with. And again a little bit on the ends of your hair, because that is almost always the most damaged part of hair. Oil is the best natural moisturiser, heat protectant, sun screen etc etc for your hair. The problem with putting too much oil on your scalp is that you are gonna need double the amount of shampoo to wash it all off. AND THAT IS WHERE THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM LIES. Just use enough to keep your hair moisturised.
  4. Conditioning: Do you know the best conditioner ever? It’s the good old mayonnaise. You can use it either as a deep conditioner or simply as a rinse-out. It is the best product for your hair. Why? Because it’s got eggs, vinegar, water and oil. What more do you need for your hair?
  5. Rinses: Instead of shampooing (Somehow that is looking so old world to me now), do rinses. You can do any kind of rinse with natural products. Tea rinse, chamomile rinse, neem rinse, beer rinse, vinegar rinse, milk rinse, basil rinse, Garlic rinse, Onion juice rinse, Ginger rinse, lemon rinse. EVERYTHING IS GOOD FOR YOUR HAIR. How to do rinses? Just boil water with a herb of your choice. Let it cool down and then dunk it in your hair. Wait for five minutes. Then rinse out with clean water. Out of these rinses, my favourite is milk rinse. It leaves my hair feeling super thick, strong and moisturised. Cleopatra used to bathe in milk. That’s it. We need to learn from the ancients.
  6. Excessive heat styling: Cut out the heat if you want healthy tresses. Want curls? Dampen your hair and braid them. Leave them overnight and wake up with beachy waves in the morning. Want straight hair? Just dab a little milk in your hair and then comb out. Or use beeswax. And comb out. Though I am not into heat at all. I love my natural hair and will not allow any torture to it. The only time I allow stylists to use heat on my hair is on occasions such as weddings or college functions.
  7. Hair accessories: Did you know that coil ties, banana clips, hair claws and snap pins are the safest hair accessories ever. No, even scrunchies are not good. Don’t have a good personal experience with them myself. They always tug at my hair and definitely pull one or two strand out. Always.
  8. Sun damage: Yes my dearies, the sun burns everything it shines on for a little more than five minutes. Protect your hair with a scarf or a hat or a stole. Or use oil. Nothing else will protect your hair from the sun. No sunscreen or leave in conditioner. Personal experience.
  9. Excessive combing or brushing: You just need to brush or comb your hair twice a day – in the morning and before going to bed. Rest of the time, use your fingertips to style your hair. Trust me, your strands will thank you.
  10. Always going for the same hairstyle: Always tying your hair in one particular style – be it ponytail or bun or side braid or whatever – is damaging because it exerts pressure on the same part of head everyday. This will cause thinning. Change hairstyles often and always tie them loose.